Green Story

Green Story

Haartz is committed to a strong and sustainable future. We’re always finding new ways to lessen our environmental impact, use safer materials, and conserve natural resources. Our thoughtful approach extends to all elements of our carbon footprint, making sure that we not only respect but protect the Earth’s natural resources. Haartz is also proud to be “Locally Green” to our neighbors, community, and customers by embracing ecological, economic, and social sustainability.

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The textile industry is the second largest water polluter in the world. Learn more about how we're pioneering new water-free technologies and protecting the local drinking supply.

  • We're partnering with Green Theme Technologies to introduce a water-free method of treating textiles. EMPEL® technology will completely transform manufacturing processes towards a waterless solution that eliminates pollution. We're proud and excited to implement EMPEL® and invite you to stay tuned for more information.
  • We remain a good neighbor in the town of Acton by always considering the local impact of our manufacturing processes. This includes the preservation of the town's water supply. The Haartz Corporation now pumps onsite groundwater instead of sourcing from the town. Since its installation, we’ve reduced our town water usage by over 32%. 


Carbon Footprint

We've reduced our carbon emissions by
over 22% over the past five years.



  • Maintained production levels while reducing energy usage by over 20% (since 2000)
  • Currently source nearly 25% of our energy from renewable resources like solar and wind

Ecovadis Bronze Rating (2024):

This year, Haartz was awarded a bronze medal from EcoVadis for our sustainability efforts with a score of 62/100. This score places Haartz in the top 22% of our category. EcoVadis bases their evaluations 21 indicators divided into four categories: environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. EcoVadis highlighted several of Haartz’s strengths, including our use of renewable energy and the integration of eco-friendly and bio-based materials in our products.

Eco-Friendly Products: 

Haartz is proud to offer high-quality, sustainably-minded products. Our eco-friendly offerings boast lower carbon footprints thanks to their lighter weight, reduced usage of water, recycled materials, and bio-based content. Customers can also take comfort in vegan certifications, and safer materials free of Formaldehyde, fluoropolymers, Halogen, Phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. Learn more about some of our eco-friendly products below.


Haartz has been certified by National Quality Assurance (NQA) to three ISO based standards. These rigorous certifications provide valuable frameworks by which we ensure compliance with laws, minimize our environmental impact, and produce quality, industry-leading products. 

ISO 14001 - Environmental management systems
The ISO 14001 requirements help us create effective systems to manage our environmental impact and achieve our sustainability objectives.

ISO 16949 - Quality management systems
The ISO 16949 certification assures to customers and partners that our manufacturing processes lead to the production of high-quality products.

ISO 17025 - Competence of testing and calibration laboratories
To maintain our ISO 17025 certification, we implement quality systems that consistently produce valid results in our laboratories.


Disclaimer: While we try to be as accurate as possible with the above calculations, errors are still possible. These statistics and calculations are published with the intention of transparency for our suppliers, customers, neighbors, and other stakeholders. They should not be used as the basis for any third-party decisions or calculations and The Haartz Corporation does not assume responsibility for any such decisions.

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