ProTact by Haartz™ is a line of technical laminates specifically developed to exceed the performance standards of coated fabrics used in military and tactical gear applications.  Based upon our 100+ years of coated fabric expertise, these products find application in load carrier laminates in vests, pouches, luggage, and other applications.


ProTact Vest

ProTact laminates have been developed with the most durable solution-dyed nylon fabrics available on the market today.  Our advanced coating systems are also optimized for application-specific durability properties to ensure the longest possible lifespan in the most demanding environments.


ProTact laminates have demonstrated easy cuttability via laser.  Additionally, they can be sewn and welded with various methods.


ProTact can be enhanced with flame retardant, electrostatic dissipative, and other functional properties.  Additional surface coatings can be included for non-slip or printable surfaces.


ProTact by Haartz™ is currently launching 500x500d and 500x1000d options for a broad range of solid- and camo-printed colors from both our US and German manufacturing locations.  Popular combinations will be stocked for prompt shipment with low minimum order quantities.  Contact your Haartz sales representative today for material availability and pricing.


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