Since our founding, Haartz has innovated engineered coated textiles, films, foams and other substrates for numerous applications. Current end uses for Haartz non-automotive products include marine boat toppings, trenchless cure in place pipe rehabilitation, soft-sided luggage, and rubberized fabrics for pipeline inspection and gear belt sheathing applications.

Haartz offers a full-line of TPU- and TPO-coated Polyester needlefelts for Cure In Place Pipe (CIPP) rehabilitation applications.

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Soft-Sided Luggage 
Haartz custom designs PVC-coated fabrics for soft-sided luggage and handbag applications with an eye towards design and functionality.

Industrial Fabrics

Industrial Fabrics
Haartz collaborates with customers around the world on custom rubber coated fabrics for applications as diverse as machine gear belts and non-destructive pipeline testing.

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