Alura® feels like silk while being resistant to many of life's everyday chemicals, coupled with its low energy processing make it an excellent lower cost alternative to PUR or leather for hand wrapped interior applications. The look of luxury doesn't have to cost the earth.


Product Detail

  • Alura® 1K - Knit Backing
  • Alura® 1S - Spacer Backing
    Alura® 1S - Spacer Backing
  • Alura® 1N
    Alura® 1N - Non-Woven Backing
Material Type
  • TPO
Standard Width(s)
Various Widths...Please contact Haartz
~0.6 - 1.3mm
Instrument Panel, Door Panel, Console
Hand wrapped applications

Significantly lower cost to leather

Excellent haptic

Local raw materials

Light weight

Meets all OEM VOC requirements

Meets -30C for cold flex/cold bend

Free of...

  •      Halogen
  •      Phthalates
  •      Heavy metals
  •      Solvents
  •      Formaldehyde
  •      Acetaldehyde
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