ProTact by Haartz™ line expands its offerings to include MultiCam® patterns

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The Haartz Corporation, a global leader in highly engineered and uniquely designed textile materials, announced that its ProTact by Haartz™ material is now available in MultiCam® patterns.

ACTON, Mass., Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Haartz Corporation, a global leader in highly engineered and uniquely designed textile materials, announced that its ProTact by Haartz™ material is now available in MultiCam® patterns. MultiCam® is an original combat-proven pattern officially issued for use by the US Army for its Afghanistan operations in 2010 and remains a leading name in concealment pattern solutions.

The different camouflages from MultiCam® incorporate unique high-resolution patterns designed using tests that studied how camouflage works in nature to increase its wearer's concealment properties. Variants can be applied to printed textile applications across different global environments, elevations and light conditions.

ProTact by Haartz is a multi-layer textile laminated material that provides military, law enforcement, SWAT teams and other first responders with a durable material tested against flex and fatigue, fabric fraying, high-temperature laundering and high-temperature and humidity endurance. The design of ProTact material is adaptable and can conform to a wide range of patterns including each MultiCam® variant and can be scaled to meet growing demand.   

"We've received tremendous feedback since launching ProTact by Haartz and are eager to expand the line of materials to include the high-demand variants of the MultiCam® family of patterns," stated Samit Sadavarte, director, business development – new markets at Haartz. "The broad uses of MultiCam® across multiple global environments is an area of high growth for Haartz as we continue to build on the demand for reliable military textile materials and applications. This expansion also exemplifies the desire by Haartz to continuously adapt our offerings to meet the needs of our customers – which has been a consistent theme throughout our more than one hundred years of operation."

Laminates are available in multiple different patterns and materials - including colors like black, ranger green, tan 499 and wolf gray and patterns like the widely used Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP), Vietnam Tiger Stripe and Desert Tiger Stripe and Woodland M81. With the addition of MultiCam®, variations have expanded to include MultiCam®, MultiCam® Arid, MultiCam® Tropic, MultiCam® Alpine and MultiCam® Black.

ProTact is a versatile replacement to the widely used Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) system due to the high-energy laser ablation cutting processes that can be used when manufacturing tactical vests and other materials. Laser ablation prevents fabric tearing and allows for attachment points to be placed anywhere on the fabric and flexibility for applying a webbing feature in various sizes, shapes and locations. Wearers can also easily adjust their ballistic load carrier to remove ballistic plates when they are no longer needed.

ProTact by Haartz is Berry Amendment compliant and is available to large-scale manufacturers and smaller individual companies in the United States and Europe in 500x500d, 500x1000d and 1000x1000d yarn structure constructions.

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