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New BAK Revolver X4 Tonneau Cover Features Haartz Material
Jan 8, 2018

Acton, Mass. (Jan. 8, 2018) – The Haartz Corporation developed a new material for BAK Industries’ highly anticipated Revolver X4 tonneau cover....

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Haartz Inspires Through Community Work
Jan 3, 2018

Posted Online (Dec. 28, 2017) -  Haartz continues to make a difference in its community. Check out Nadeem Muaddi from the Hog Ring’s recent...

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Haartz Minth (Ningbo) Automotive Ltd. Begins Production in China
Dec 8, 2017

Acton, Mass. (Dec. 8, 2017) – Today, Haartz Minth (Ningbo) Automotive Ltd., announced the grand opening of its new facility in Chunxiao, part of...

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